Experimental at heart, eventful by essence, ILANIO's projects range from the purely conceptual to the practical and wearable. Think of the art side of what we do as the R&D department for the collectibles that we sell.

Commerce is an interchange -- of ideas, of opinions, of sentiments. It's not just about an exchange of goods for money.


ir ILANIO is the brainchild of experimental artist Ilan Reuben, and a reflection of his ongoing creative quest. His work examines how clothing both signifies and controls our relationship with our bodies, and the psychological, sexual, social, and spiritual implications of that connection. ILANIO is his effort to create a community around this work. To bring it to more people, on a deeper level. To infuse artistic expressiveness in everyday life.
Here are some of the artists and designers that have collaborated with ILANIO:
lz Laura Zey graduated from the Academy of Fashion and Design in Düsseldorf, Germany. With her bachelor collection "ARIA - EAGER TO AVAIL" she was selected as best graduate 2015. Her work combines the aesthetic of minimalism with extraordinary and innovative materials. She is founder and owner of the avant-garde menswear and leather goods brand SECOND.SKIN.STUDIO. (
ed Edward W. Dahl is an artist, musician, designer, and educator. He is the owner of After Science, a visual design and production company. Edward has been a design instructor at San Francisco's Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) since 1998. His groundbreaking electronic music / performance art project SpacEKrafT has performed throughout the SF Bay Area including the De Young Museum and YBCA, and is featured on the soundtrack for the acclaimed documentary "Jodorowsky's Dune".
tp Thuy Pham is a designer / entrepreneur residing in NYC. He was the co-founder and creative director of NY fashion brand United Bamboo, and is currently working on a smart clothes startup.